What Is The Universal Energy Field (UEF)

What Is the Universal Energy Field

The Universal Energy Field (UEF) is the energy all around us on earth and in the Universe. Scientists are able to measure it and some scientists refer to it as bio-plasma. As more and more of humanity starts to become reawakened to life beyond physicality, we are seeing that science is taking a keen interest in centuries old foundational concepts, which is today known as alternative healing. In the book Mind to Matter by Dawson Church, science takes a very close look at mediation, manifestation, and even energy healing. Though the book is steeped in scientific jargon, it is clear the scientists are very satisfied with themselves as they discuss the fabulous results of carefully conducted experiments. These scholars are reporting meditation can heal the body! Manifestation is real! Energy healing can actually reverse cancer cells from a remote location! We are starting to see modern science taking steps away from the safety of the mainstream and proving things that were once considered a little too mystical to even consider. 

While many of us don’t need science to validate that we are Powerful Creative Beings, and that Meditation and Energy can heal, it’s nice to see those who once denounced its usefulness ability to heal are finally getting on board.

So, back to the UEF. Because it is like a bio-plasma, it permeates all space and connects all objects to each other. The plasma of our own body is a connective tissue that carries all necessary nutrients and hormones to all parts of the body. Similarly, the UEF contains within it all the information for enlightenment that we as Souls living a human experience need in order to excel up the ladder of Spirituality. Cells put their waste products into plasma, and we release our negative emotions into the UEF (partly by way of the Earth Star Chakra previously mentioned). Upon release of the negative emotions, the UEF takes this unwanted energy back to the Universe where it is recycled into more usable energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.

The UEF is an energy in and of its own and carries within itself an innate intelligence that is available to all of us. Now here’s the interesting thing about this intelligence we have access to: It is absorbed into us via the chakras but we are only able to absorb (or be aware of) the information that we are ready for. If you have not yet reached a higher emotional enlightenment, your chakras will not absorb frequencies within the UEF that are not yet within your understanding. 

A comparison would be reading the encyclopedia and coming across words that were completely beyond your comprehension. What would you normally do if this happened? Some possibilities would be: 

  1. Just skim past the word as if it wasn’t even there. 
  2. Look at the word, try to figure it out, but then realize you just have no idea what it means and then quickly lose interest. 
  3. Ask for help or research it enough to have a basic understanding and then stick it in your back pocket until you have an experience that put that word back in front of you and though you still can’t use it in a sentence, you do have more clarity than before. Now the word is on your radar system and next time it comes up, you may even try to fit it into a sentence. 

If the encyclopedia was the UEF, you would not even be aware the information existed! As you grow emotionally and spiritually, the words would start to appear very vaguely until finally you could make them out and begin exploring this new information until it became very familiar and part of your verbal repertoire. 

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