More than just a Soul, CHAKRAS TOO!

More Than Just A Soul. Chakras Too!

So far we know we are a Soul which is a part of Source Energy. We also know we are a body, a very dense expression of our Souls. In addition to these two parts, we also have a Chakra system.

The easiest way to understand Chakras is to understand what their purpose is and why you should keep them healthy and balanced. 

Chakras keep us functioning and connected to other people and our surroundings. They absorb energy from all of our interactions and then that energy is metabolized into emotions or feelings. 

This is how energy moves through the chakras and into our bodies. (Everything in the Universe is energy that vibrates, even an emotional interaction between people is energy.)

  • Energy from a situation comes in to one or more of the chakras
  • That energy passes through the chakra and into energy pathways in our body (also known as Nadis)
  • From the energy pathway, the information, still in the form of energy, is sent through the nervous system (NS)
  • The NS brings the information to the endocrine system where it is made into hormones
  • Hormones are secreted into the blood and circulated to where it is needed (we are not just talking about sex hormones here, but every hormone in the body)
  • Because hormones regulate every function of our physical body, we are dependent on them to keep every part of our body in top notch health.

The positive or negative interaction from the outside world is a perceived interpretation. If it is perceived as negative, that energy flow will eventually create hormones that produce an emotion to fit the perceived interpretation. From there, the body reacts. If the emotion is negative, and that emotion stays with us indefinitely (or is repetitive), the body continues to be affected by it and eventually dis-ease is established. The same happens from a positive perceived interpretation except that this will have great benefits to the body.

This is important to understand so let’s say it again a little differently.

Repetitive means an emotion that comes up again and again. When you have a repetitive, negative emotional imbalance, it will negatively impact the energy flow within your chakras. Your chakras can equally be compromised by a singular emotional event that you can not let go of. When either of these happen the energy flow within your chakras cannot support the parts of the physical body it governs and over time, disease can develop. 

One more time!

**Your chakras can be compromised two ways. 

A repetitive emotional imbalance which is something that happens again and again that you do not grow from. 

A singular emotional event that was devastating and you are not able to let go of the emotional pain it caused. 

If it was a positive event that created great joy and happiness, your body will thrive.

For example:

As a child your parents never gave you the opportunity to express your thoughts or feelings. Your father ruled with an iron fist and you were scared to voice your opinions. Your mother had no patience with you and belittled whatever you said. Because you feared your father and tried to avoid your mother’s snide comments, you chose to never speak your truth. This lack of expression on your part unfortunately became part of your personality into adulthood. Now you find yourself in a relationship with a partner or employer (or both) who you feel dominated by in terms of communication. Though on the surface you try to appear unaffected by this, on an energetic level your 5th chakra (Vishuddha) is very imbalanced and low on energy. It has been stifled for years. It does not have the strength to support the parts of the body it takes care of (throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, cervical vertebra, jaw, ears, nose. Without a strong chakra, physical imbalance and disease can follow. The only way to truly overcome the imbalance in this chakra is to first acknowledge the emotional pain of not being heard as a child, and then changing who you are as an adult. Sometimes baby steps are necessary, and sometimes it will feel very uncomfortable to speak your truth but as you exercise this chakra and start to express yourself from a place of power, the chakra will regain balance and any diseases that may have developed can become healed.

One summer, my daughter and I binged a very popular series on Netflix, Call The Midwife. The first season was based on the real events taken from the diary of the main character of the show. The setting took place in Poplar on London’s East End during the late 1950’s. The main character, Jenny Lee, was a midwife and nurse to Poplar’s residents. Almost all appointments were house calls so the midwives were able to get to know their patients’ personal lives. With my knowledge of chakras, the series was amazing. As each episode unfolded, the trials and tribulations of the patients were revealed to the audience and I could see how the emotional heartaches of each person’s life ultimately led to the health issue they suffered from. It was very accurate as I watched love turned bitter bring on heart attacks, financial burdens yielded bone/muscle conditions, and rape lead to reproductive issues. Movies based in fiction don’t have writers who understand how the chakra system really works so those story lines don’t usually show their characters suffering or dying from the right diseases. Call the Midwife was taken from a woman’s diary who intimately knew her patients for years. These people died from diseases that were brought on by chakra imbalance that matched the hardships they lived through. Anyone who has a passionate interest in Chakras or who wishes to someday move on from their body in a peaceful sleep, I highly recommend Call the Midwife to get an accurate glimpse on how emotional suffering will lead to disease. 

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